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The Martur work with the children is headed by Elisha and Suneetha Jonnalagadda.  Elisha is a pastor who also oversees a network of  over 50 churches and pastors in the area.  Elisha and Suneetha also care for both the orphans and the elderly.  Elisha is also in charge of the publishing of books of the Godpoems poetry in English and the Indian languages of Telugu/Sanskrit and Hindi.   Suneetha, a gospel singer,  is also in charge of the composition and recording of songs, also from the Godpoems from poet and American co-founder Steve Pursell.  Proceeds from the poetry books and CDs, MP3s, etc. are divided evenly between Elisha and Steve.  They to go support of the children, the building of the home in Martur, the first home to be envisioned for Lion of Judah Homes for Children, and basic living needs.  We have a long term vision of building beautiful homes for orphans in impoverished areas all over the world.  Please enjoy these photos of the children in Martur and of the building of the orphanage there.  This home is also featured on Facebook: Lion of Judah Home for Children, Martur.